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About Diamond S Shipping

Diamond S Shipping Inc. (DSSI) provides seaborne transportation of crude oil, refined petroleum and other products in_the international shipping markets, operating a fleet of 64 vessels with an aggregate of approximately five million deadweight tons (“dwt”) in carry capacity.

Our vessel operations are composed of two segments: Crude Tankers, which includes 13 Suezmax vessels and one Aframax vessel, and Product Tankers, which includes 50 medium range (“MR”) vessels.


DSSI is the product of the combination of DSS Holdings L.P.’s 43 vessels and the 25 vessels contributed by Capital Product Partners L.P. (CPLP), which was consummated in early 2019. Prior to the combination, privately-owned DSS Holdings L.P. owned and operated 43 vessels managed for nearly ten years. CPLP’s manager, Capital Ship Management (CSM), is also the manager of the 25 vessels contributed to DSSI by CPLP and has a deep-seated history in shipping. Shares of DSSI began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on March 28, 2019.

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